Free Business Letter Template

Communication is the natural urge of all of us and we as humans beings are unable to convey anything without the proper form of communication, be it our feelings or any other need of our body, without the proper form of communication a human being can not be understood, and for that purpose we human beings are granted with the voice so that using that voice the requirement of the communication can be full filed.

Similarly A business organization also needs to communicate to its surroundings or to the people it is made of it also needs to communicate so that the others can understand its well being or it can convey the things to others.
A business organization is not a solitude figure, so that it could survive in the vacuum, rather it is made of many constituents and in order to survive or prosper any business organization needs to communicate to its various stakeholders such as the customers, suppliers, lenders, borrowers, the government of the region and many other stakeholders.

Format of a Business Letter

Business letter are those which full fill this urge of communication for a business organization. A business letter is basically a paper format written letters which are generally written by the business organization to its stakeholders in order to communicate some information such as, a business letter can be used to ask any suppliers to deliver the requited material to the factory site of any organization so that the further production of the good can be resumed.

Also a business letter can be written by a business organizations to its newly joined customers with the business to make the customers aware about the various plans or offers that a business organization is willing to offer to the customers, and the business letter can also be used to discuss some business related to policies with the government of the particular region.

So a business letter can be used for the communication purposes in the plenty of ways since the communication is the most used form of any business organization the business letter serves the most useful or the required purpose of the business.
Business letters are the most useful or an indispensable tool of any business for the communication purpose and this tool is used for the accomplishment of various purposes between the business organization and the stakeholders. Business letters are not any new form in business world they have been using since ages and in modern world the business letters hold their importance not only at national scale but also an international scale of trade and businesses.

Business Cover Letter

Business letter holds a significant importance the economic development of any business  letters are those which represent a business organization and these are some of the major benefits that the business letter provide to any organization..

  • Business letters help an organization to make the query about the raw material from any suppliers of such raw material.
  • Business letters greatly help to interact to the old customers and also to approach  new prospective customers to join the business.
  • Business letters make it possible for an organization to sell its goods online to the customers which saves the cost of physical interaction or visit.
  • Business letters help the entity to make good relations between the business and the other various stakeholders such as customers, suppliers ,lenders, borrowers, or the government bureaucrats.


  • Business letters make a solid relationship between the business organization and the other stakeholders by providing an appropriate means of communication.

How to write Business letter

A business letter conveys the purpose of either requesting the quotation or trading purposes the formalities of which made the first depending upon several factors, some of which are the kind of relation between the parties the Goodwill of the businessman one is dealing to and so on these factors basically decides about the format of letter to any businessman.

A very well written Formal letters attracts the dealer in a very influenced away and it gives an idea about the goodwill of the businessman who has written a letter to the dealer considering which dealing with give you the quality goods on reasonable prices and so many facilities as the Goodwill in the market matters a lot that decides about what a businessman in the market deserves.

The content and the purpose of writing a letter is the foundation that you need to consider before writing a business letter for example, if the letter is to be written regarding requesting the quotation of prices then, it must be considered while writing that your points are brief, and convey the exact message to the dealers and the format must be appropriate to leave a good impact on the mind of business dealers.

Examples of Business Letter Formats

A businessman who is working at the very small scale gets opportunity deal with famous business dealer in that case you must have to be very formal and professional while writing a letter to that businessman this is how format style and the purpose differs depending upon the number of factors as mentioned earlier.

A business letter as May prove to be the evidence of transactions between two parties legal formality and message to be conveyed must be appropriate, accurate, and understandable words that clearly defined the purpose of letter being written, So that the further confusion or the chaos between the parties in this regard could be avoided.

Business Cover Letter

While writing any business letter one must be aware about the difference between formal and informal words or letters, it is necessary because it really leaves a very deep impact on the mind of the Businessman who is receiving the letter.

for instance to a very famous Businessman having a Prestige goodwill in the market if received a letter from you that is totally informal that is conveying a sense of disrespect from your written content in the letter and also not conveying the exact purpose to be served he will definitely reject your offer letter that may bring disappointments to you.

One must be aware about the formats style words to choose the formalities proper salutation and how to learn to send clear message or purpose be conveyed. Latest noun discuss about the formal letter that is mostly used while writing a business letter because most of the cases the parties to the business are professional and I am not having any personal relation with the businessman there are some points that need to be kept in mind while writing a formal letter:-

  • A formal letter must be as brief as possible it must convey the proper message for purpose to be served.
  • It must be accurate and understandable aw well written in a professional or formal manner


  • . It must be in proper format to make a good impression and influence the Reader.
  • One must be aware that there are two types of format of business letter the very first is General format and, the second is indentation format.

How to Address a Business Letter

The first type of formal letter format contains certain terminologies which have a deep      meaning keeping which one must go practically writing a letter namely
Margins, font, formatting & punctuation.

The margins of the top bottom and side must be 1 to 1/4 inches the letter must be centered vertically. Following these tips your letter would be fascinating and attentive.

Font formatting
Try avoiding being too creative in your letter as it is very poor when you are form is not clear and understandable  and you try to decorate your fonts, your focus must be on the subject matter furthermore to throw a light on the matter you can underline the particular sentence or statement you want to convey heartily.

It depends the kind of letter you are writing If you are using British style or United States style, when you have to use comma after the salutation and use call on but closing must be followed by comma in respective cases.

Complete format as an example of business letter format

Sender’s organization name-
Sender’s address-
Contact information-
Sender’s email address if any-
The prefix of the recipient-
The company of the recipient-
the address of the recipient –
dear (prefix of the recipient -)
salutation –
subject –
body –
content –
closing with ideal complementary sincerely regards etc.
signature of the sender-

Professional Business Letter Format

Using the format given above can help you to a great extent what to keep in mind while writing a business letter that is in general, The indentation format further includes standard open semi block modified block and modified semi block format let you have the detail idea about all the terminologies.


While using the standard format of letter things to be kept in mind is the use of the colon after the salutation and, after the complimentary closing.


In such formats of business letter there is no need to use any punctuation on sanitation and complementary closing.


Things to be kept in mind while writing business block letter format is to not to use any paragraph and the content should be aligned properly.

Modified block

The address and the associated data must be at the centre point and the other content must be left aligned in which paragraph is not indented.

Semi block

Semi block formats must be considered as modified block formats except of the difference that every first line of the paragraphs should not be invented in the business letter

Modified semi blocked

This is the format where the full paragraph is indented and the main paragraph is left aligned and all other important information like name address should also be indented on the similar position of the letter.

Standard Business Letter Format

Any of the above mentioned can be used to write the format of your business later, Although there is no any clear cut or the thumb rule of making the format of your business letter in such a format ,If you are intending to go for the other comparatively easier formats of the business letter formats you may find other plenty of the format of business letter and you can choose the one which most appeals to you or you can create your own format by keeping in mind the customized format that you want to create and on the basis of that you can create an unique and impressive business letter which will surely hit the the taste of the receiver of such business letter.

Business letter template

If you looking around for the impressive business  letter sample of the the other form of Business letter formats then here we are providing with an option below which may suit your taste .
Name of the sender’s and the other contacts information should be written in this order

Name of the sender-

Address of the sender-

City, state and the zip code of the sender’s –

Phone and email of the sender’s –
While mentioning the date it should be kept in mind that the dates must be written in the United states format that is in a order of Date ,month, and year and kindly avoid using the abbreviation of any month for example April 19,2001

After this the name and the other contact information of the recipient of the letter should be written in such a order.

Name of the receiver –
Zip code-

Business letter salutation

Salutation this is the other important using which a business letter is written. In a business letter salutation, The letter should be written using the proper salutation such as dear Mr. Charlie or also in salutation the other form of addressing a person can also be used for example “Sir’ in place of Mr. ,salutation is all about how you address a person in the business letter.

Subject line

Subject line is the most important title heading  in the business letter and  hence it should be clear cut and understandable so the receiver of the letter could understand that what is the actual purpose of writing this business letter

Parts of the business letter

A business letter is comprised of many important parts which define and elaborate the different purposes of writing a business letter.

The body is that part of the business letter which simply and uniquely defines the purpose of the business letter.

The first paragraph of the business letter must clear the reason as to why for which purpose the letter of the business is being written and the next paragraph should clear the other requested information in the business letter, and still after writing these both aspects some space should be left as blank so that if there is some other information requested that could also be written in that blank space.

Complimentary closing: As a part of any story or the film the closing matters a lot similarly in a business letter the role of closing is immense.

The closing there should be perfectly and clearly given shape with the clearance of the purpose of writing the letter and at the end some compliment should be given to the receiver of the letter so that he may feel good with the interaction that is held by the medium of the business letter. It should be written as

Sincerely –

So above this was the sample of business letter or the formal format of business letter while helps anyone who is seeking for the proper and the impressive ways of writting a business letter.


If there is a need of writing any employment letter for the purpose of a job then there comes the role of a template, templates helps the person in writing the perfect letter and if you are seeking the options for the template then Microsoft provides the letter template to all who are seeking it for the purpose of writing a business covers letters, resignation letters or the interview letters it full fills all the purposes.

Business Block Letter Format

When there is a need of addressing professional business letters in the block style templates

As we know business letter comes in the category of the professional letter and when it comes to being professional the letter format that is chosen for writing the letter must be the formal one.

Although there are many such formal formats available for that purpose but one of the best and the simple format available there is known as block style format. This format serves both the purposes of being simple yet fully professional outlook.


It is very obvious that if you are going to or have written any kind of business letter then you need to put your signature at the end, where you finish the complimentary section of the business letter.

Earlier there used to be only one type of signature in this section that is hand written signature but in this modern era there now comes two type of signatures namely one the digital signature and the other is manually hand written.

So if you are writing a hand written letter then you need to write your signature manually by hands after the complimentary section and if you are sending your letter writing digitally by email then you need to write your signature digitally at the end of the same complimentary section.

Business Letter Examples For, Students With Enclosure, Heading, Style, Signature.

Assuming you are a student and soon you are planning to write a business letter but you are all confused in choosing and clearing the many aspects such as the heading, block style ,signature and the other enclosure then, you do not need to worry about such aspects since here we will provide you the proper format of business letters and also the way that how to begin writing the business letter and also how to end the letter with the enclosure after signing the letter and about the different blocks of the letter.

Each aspect of the letter is very important as a little mistake in any aspect may leave the reader confused and also may end all the impression of letter towards the reader.

The language in which the letter needs to be written in should be chosen carefully since the language is the mother of the letter so the language should be simply yet professional so the reader could understand the content easily and also get impressed by the format and by content of the letter.

Coming to the last part of the letter which is the enclosure part the enclosure of any part of the letter should be put at the end with the signature of the sender.

Sample Business Introduction Letter to the New Client or the Prospective Client.

When a new and the prospective customer joins the company then the company send to a letter to those customers and this letter is called as business introduction letter.

These letters are generally consisted of the information such as the contact details of the newly joined customers information of the offer or the extra benefits that the company is willing to provide to the newly joined customers along with the commitment of a good service from the company to the customers.

Business introduction letter is the very important letter as it welcomes the new customers explain them the business tactics and also keep them connected with the business.

Business Invitation Letter for US Visa

Business invitation letter for the US visa is a type of a formal letter in which a company addresses those employees for the business purpose who are not living in the US.

In this letter the company invites such employees in US for the purpose of conference, seminar or meeting. So if the company is willing to invite any of the business client in the US for any kind of business reason in the US then the company writes the invitation letter to those employees for the US visa attaching all other information that are required for the visa purpose.

Bad Newsletter In Business Communication.

Sometimes it happens that a sender of the business letters write the negative or the bad things in the letter which hamper the good relationship between the sender and the receiver of the letter.

While writing the letter it must be kept in mind that the business letter determines the relationship of the business with the other external parties so the letter must be written in such a way that the relationship between both the parties could get and remain strong forever.

A good writing builds a good relationship between both the parties and that good relationship increase the business of the business based on the enhanced goodwill of the business.