5+ free business letter example

Their are different types of business fields on the basis of which the business letter can be written. business letter have lot’s of example which may be represent as per the business letter has been written in. business letter does not have a particular format, it have a specific structure and format of business head letter.

Here are some sample you can download it from here.


Sales Letter 

  Sales Letter gives the information about the sales of products and services.



Complaint Letter 

When one person wants to complain against someone so he or she written a letter called complaint letter.

 Follow up Letter 

Follow up letter using for the communicate to employee or customers etc.

Cover Letter 

Cover letter provides the information about the candidate which he or she not covers in the resume.

Acknowledgement Letter 

 Acknowledgement letter gives the information about the receiving  or giving something


also u can add specific meeting location by using october 2018 calendar excel.

Author: Heather Arnold