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What is the Purpose of a Tow Truck and Why Should I Hire One?

For the past three years, All Points Towing Service has quickly become the go-to towing service and surrounding areas. With their highly trained mechanics and advanced tow trailers, they can handle any type of towing situation. Whether you need to move a car or truck, trailer, boat, motorcycle or even people, they can get it there safely. They have experienced tow vehicle drivers with a wide selection of equipment to fit any situation. So no matter what you need moved, they can set it up.

They pride themselves on providing excellent customer service and making sure that each customer is completely satisfied with the work they do. In every tow situation, they will make sure that they send an experienced tow truck to the scene after the job is completed. They also ensure that the customer is fully reimbursed at the end of the day. They can even pick up a stranded vehicle, allowing you to get on with your life while the tow truck is loading your vehicle.

If your vehicle is involved in a traffic accident, the towing service will call the police. This will ensure that the vehicle is safe and taken care of in any way. The best part about using All Points Towing Service is that they have nationwide coverage. In the event that your vehicle is stolen or you are involved in a flat tire, they will change it at no extra cost to you.

When choosing an All Points Towing Services company, you want to choose one that offers you a quality service, reasonable prices and has strong customer service. The type of vehicle you have should be considered as well. A flatbed tow vehicle is the most common but there are other models such as 4-wheel drive, four-wheel drive with a tow bar or front end loader that offer you a better choice for towing. The reason for this is the weight of your vehicle and the size of the wheel lift.

If you have a small vehicle with a light weight, it can be very difficult to get a trailer to raise the vehicle off the ground. Towing services use larger towing trucks to do this and you should inquire about their charges. The weight of the vehicle is usually measured in tons as opposed to weight ounces. This is because the towing service needs to know how much your vehicle can safely handle before raising it to help avoid flat tires.

Flat tires happen from numerous reasons but the most common is poor driving habits. Towing services usually have roadside assistance to assist customers who need to get their vehicles fixed. Before entrusting your vehicle with a towing service, you should make sure that they have the proper liability coverage, a trustworthy and experienced service provider and a fair price for their services.

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